3D Ultrasound & 4D Ultrasound Services and Pricing Information in the San Jose Area

Scanbabies 3D Sonogram:

A 3D ultrasound can show some incredible details of your baby's features, and in color! Many pregnancy patients have told me that the 3D ultrasound images they saw at Scanbabies looked just like the baby after he or she was born. The ideal time to do this type of scan is between 24 and 34 weeks, although excellent images can be obtained at other times in your pregnancy. This ultrasound includes all of the beneficial information of the 2D scan.

Prices starting at $125.00

Scanbabies 4D Sonogram:

A 4D ultrasound (or sonogram) is a moving 3D scan of your baby. When a 4D scan is viewed, movements of the baby like a yawn, puckering lips, and even smiles can be seen. This sonogram also includes all of the beneficial information of the 2D scan.

Prices starting at $135.00

There are several key advantages to the 4D over 3D sonography. During the live scanning, one can see moving three dimensional images of the baby. This means if you are watching the baby in 4D and the baby does something cute like yawns, smiles, or sticks it's tongue out, we have that moment.

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